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Journal > JURNAL ILMU-ILMU PETERNAKAN > Characterization of Genetic Marker for Candidate Gene of Growth Hormone in Madura Cattle


Vol 19, No 2 (2009)
Characterization of Genetic Marker for Candidate Gene of Growth Hormone in Madura Cattle
Suyadi, Suyadi ( Fakultas Peternakan Universitas Brawijaya)
Rahayu, Sri ( Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam Universitas Brawijaya)
Article Info   ABSTRACT
Published date:
21 Feb 2012
Genetic marker might be considered as one of useful tools for selecting animals having desire performance(s). Body weight and growth rate are valuable economic traits in Madura cattle. It was believed that growth rate of animal is regulated by growth hormone (GH) gene. This study was subjected to evaluate the appropriate primer(s) to growth hormone gene (GH) and genetic polymorphisms in Madura cattle using PCR-RFLP technique. DNA from ten mature animals was traced and amplified using 3 primers of GH gene (GHPMFgc1-GHPM1R, GHE5F-GHE5R and GHP1TF3-GHPMTR0, Ge et al., 2003) using PCR technique. PCR-product was digested with HaeIII- restriction enzyme using RFLP technique. The results showed that GH gene in Madura cattle could be traced by those three primers with the DNA fragments of 477 bp, 412 bp and 119 bp, respectively. Digestion with HaeIII enzyme of DNA-PCR product resulted polymorphisms with 5 different haplotypes. Haplotype with 5 fragments of DNA restriction tended with higher mature body weight than others (JIIPB 2009 Vol 19 No 2: 92-99).Keywords: genetic marker, candidate gene, growth hormone, Madura cattle.
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