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dentika Dental Journal
Vol 17, No 1 (2012)
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Published date:
05 Jun 2013
Abstract Periodontal therapy using bone graft has been attempted to achieve periodontal regeneration. In cellular level, stem cells have been used extensively for periodontal regeneration of new bone formation in osteogenesis process. The biological and mechanical property of chitosan can be used as a scaffold for tissue regeneration. Chitosan has an effect as blood and tissue interphase in healing process and non toxic. The aim of study was to observed the effects of chitosan on the ability of osteogenesis PDL stem cells, which was evaluated through viabilitas level PDL stem cells. Periodontal ligament stem cells harvested from the apical region of healthy and periodontitis third molar. Human PDL stem cells was isolated by magnetic bead selection and identified using an antibody anti Stro-1 (marker of mesenchymal stem cells). PDL stem cells viability was tested using the MTT technique. The samples were divided into experimental group consisted of 6 PDL stem cells groups were coated by chitosan 0.025, 0.5, 0.1, 0.15, 0.2, and 0.25% and a control group without chitosan. A total of approximately 10,000 PDL stem cells were cultured with medium containing of 10% fetal bovine serum (FBS), 10% NCS, penstrep, and 250μg/ml fungizone/amphoterisin B. The results showed that the viability of PDL stem cells isolated from healthy tooth which coated by chitosan 0,15%, has the higest proliferation compared to other groups. In conclusions, the exposure of chitosan 0.15%  in PDL cultures showed the highest cell viability, it’s explained that chitosan 0,15% has the highest effect in stimulated cell proliferation. Key words: stem cell, osteogenesis, chitosan, cell viability Abstrak Pada kerusakan tulang alveolar, pembentukan tulang baru dapat dirangsang oleh bahan yang bersifat merangsang osteogenesis. Kitosandapat sebagai interfase darah dan jaringan serta memiliki efek regeneratif sebagai scaffold pada pertumbuhan tulang. Tujuannya mengamati efek kitosan terhadap sel punca PDL pada proses osteogenesis, diamati melalui viabilitas sel punca PDL. Sel punca dipanen dari apikal gigi molar 3 sehat dan gigi periodontitis, didentifikasi  dengan Antibodi Stro-1. Kelompok eksperimental terdiri atas sel punca PDL yang dipapar kitosan 0,025, 0,5, 0,1, 0,15, 0,2 dan 0,25% dan kelompok kontrol tanpa dipapar kitosan.Viabilitasnya diamati dengan tehnik MTT. Sejumlah 10.000 sel punca PDL ditebar dalam plat kultur jaringan yang berisi 10% FBS, 10% NCS, penstrep, and 250µg/ml fungizone/amphoterisin B. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan viabilitas sel tertinggi terdapat pada kelompok sel punca PDL sehat yang dipapar kitosan 0,15%, artinya pada konsentrasi tersebut kitosan memiliki efek tertinggi dalam menstimuli proliferasi sel. Kesimpulannya, kelompok sel punca PDL sehat yang dipapar kitosan menunjukkan viabilitas sel yang tertinggal dalam menstimulasi proliferasi sel. Kata kunci: sel punca, osteogenesis, kitosan, viabilitas sel
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