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Journal > Jurnal Teknik Mesin Unsyiah > Sistem Penggerak Mesin Setengah Pengering (Tipe Vertikal)


Jurnal Teknik Mesin Unsyiah
Vol 1, No 2 (2012)
Sistem Penggerak Mesin Setengah Pengering (Tipe Vertikal)
R, Asbar ( Universitas Syiah Kuala)
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Published date:
01 Dec 2012
The half drying machine is a machine utilised to reduce the additional water content in the raw material. The design of the mechanical system is required that the machine is able to work appropriately. The mechanical system is a combination of machine elements which work as the source of power and rotation in the mechanical work which is the forwarded to the additional water content reducing mechanism. The design process is carried out through semantic, graphical and analytical methods which result in appropriate machine elements selection, i.e. electric motor, driver pulley, belt, driven pulley, pin, driven shaft, single line radial ball bearing and the house, single line axial bearing and the house, and the bolt and nut. All of the elements are in a unity with their own support frame which is able to be separated if required. The additional water content reducing process of raw material occurs due to the effect of rotation of the machine to the material.
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