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Pendidikan Biologi
Vol 2, No 2 (2013): Jurnal Dra. Hj Husna, M.Si
Angin Topan dalam Kajian Fisika
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Published date:
13 Sep 2013
Tornado is a vortex winds with wind speeds of 120 km / hour or more which often occurs in tropical regions of the northern and southern latitudes, except in areas are very close to the equator. Early symptoms of a hurricane, it can be seen from; a. the temperature was increased, b. clumping of white clouds, towering c. occurred thunder / lightning harsh; d. white clouds is a bit dark, e. birds gathered, or flying away from beaches and open areas. Tornado in study of physics, namely fluid dynamic (moving). The movement of these storms can be analyzed by using existing laws in a dynamic fluid, such as the equation continuity and Bernoullis Law. It is undeniable that the wind speed will affect many things, including: causing damage to or destruction of the building, damaging power lines, causing erosion in coastal areas, causing flooding and endangering safety.
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