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Vol 3, No 1 (2010): Jurnal Palastren (Januari - Juni)
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Published date:
14 Mar 2014
The position of gender in the spotlight from all walks of academia and the community in many different perceptions and response. When you hear the name of misguided perceptions of gender emerge to focus on the demand the degrees on behalf of the rights of women. Women of Indonesia has a very important position throughout the course of history. Gait of women on the stage of history no doubt. See the results of Kartini’s struggle, the idea he was about the emancipation of women has always been a spirit of Indonesia to increase the degree of life, subculture liberalisme, cultural absolutism, and many hit the normative foundations of values and religious norms. Though the name of gender does not mean discussing matters relating to women only. Gender is intended as a division
of the nature, role, position and duties of men and women set by the community based on norms, customs, and public confidence in various aspects of life including the practice of education. Education as one of the sectors of development involved gender mainstreaming implementation in national and regional levels. Then the most easily done by the center to address the issue of gender studies from various circles about the gender
issue of gender into the awareness of personal and collective consciousness that is yet to enter the sphere of education and science as a vessel to help the implementation of socialization efforts for gender mainstreaming.

Keywords: Education, gender mainstreaming, gender studies.
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