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Journal > Teknosia > experimental study of refrigeration system employing 134a refrigerant type


Vol 2, No 12 (2013): VII, September
experimental study of refrigeration system employing 134a refrigerant type
Puspawan, Angki ( Mechanical Engineering, University of Bengkulu)
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Published date:
27 Aug 2014
Developments in science and technology so rapidly, so many tools and technologies that industry can be created for human needs. Refrigerant is the basic ingredient used in refrigeration systems. Refrigerants containing CFC (Chloro Fluoro Carbon) and HCFC (Hydro Chloro Fluoro Carbon) in fact have a negative iMPact on the environment which could reduce the ozone layer can cause global warming. Due to the above then be made to regulations that prohibit the use of a compound containing CFC and HCFC. As an alternative substitute materials used R-134a refrigerant is environmentally friendly (without CFC).Refrigeration is the process of taking heat from one object / part, which causes the temperature of the object/part becomes lower than the ambient temperature in which the object is located.To find out COP at Refrigerant (Coefficient of Performance at Refrigeration) conducted several phases of pressure knowing that the calculation of (P) and temperature (T) so obtained enthalpy (h) any condition which is used to find heat at evaporator (qEvaporator), work of compresor (Wcompresor), heat at kondensor (qCondensor). In the process of testing apparatus used in the refrigeration system has not changed.From the test results, more time is needed then the COP at refrigerant price increases, which amounted to 4.355448 highest COP at refrigerant price at the time (minutes) 80 and 100 while the lowest price for 4.079035 COP at refrigerant at the time (minutes) 10.
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