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Journal > Pelita Perkebunan (Coffee and Cocoa Research Journal) > Analysis of Factors Influencing Adoption of Technology in Cocoa Pod Borer Pest Control: A Case Study in West Sulawesi


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Pelita Perkebunan (Coffee and Cocoa Research Journal)
Vol 22, No 3 (2006)
Analysis of Factors Influencing Adoption of Technology in Cocoa Pod Borer Pest Control: A Case Study in West Sulawesi
., Herman ( Lembaga Riset Perkebunan Indonesia)
Hutagaol, Parulina ( Institute Pertanian Bogor)
H Sutjahjo, Suharjono ( Institute Pertanian Bogor)
Rauf, Aunu ( Institute Pertanian Bogor)
Priyarsono, D. S ( Institute Pertanian Bogor)
Article Info   ABSTRACT
Published date:
31 Dec 2006
Cocoa pod borer is one of the most difficult pests to be controlled, hence it becomes serious threat for sustainable cocoa plantation. The objective of the research is to investigate several factors influencing adoption of innovation technology in pest control by using regression model analysis. The research was carried out in Polewali Mamasa and Mamuju regency, West Sulawesi during February March 2006 using survey method. Number of respondents interviewed in the research was 80 people which was selected by using purposive sampling method. The result shows that CPB in West Sulawesi decreased cocoa productivity 50% (10—90%), caused by less of farmers coordination in controlling CPB and the slowness of technology adoption. Factors which influence farmers knowledge are provision of field school, farmers income and simplicity of the technology. Factors which influence farmers attitude are farmers income knowledge, cultivated cocoa area, provision farmers group and number of family members. Factors which influence farmer action in PsPSP technology adoption is farmer attitude, farmer income, cultivated cocoa area and availability of extension workers in that area. Government’s involvement in accelerating adoption of innovation technology, especially in preparing capable extension workers and provision of subsidized credit for the farmers is inevitable. Key words: cocoa pod borer, adoption of technology, sustainable cacao plantation, Government’s involvement, West Sulawesi
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