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Journal > Marwah: Jurnal Perempuan, Agama dan Gender > KESADARAN GENDER YANG ISLAMI


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Marwah: Jurnal Perempuan, Agama dan Gender
Vol 13, No 2 (2014): Juli - Desember 2014
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Published date:
05 Feb 2014
Biological differences between men and women have in the implementation of social and cultural life. There has been a gender gap due to the multiplicity of interpretations of the notion of gender itself. In-depth research is needed to determine the cause of the gap, let alone Islam declared the doctrine that leads to gender bias. Based on the discussion in this paper is declared Gender division of roles and responsibilities between women and men as a result of socio-cultural construction of society, which can be changed according to the demands of the changing times. While sex (gender: male and female) are not changed and the nature of God. In the teachings of Islam there is no difference between women and men in all its aspects, distinguishing only charity and piety
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