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Journal > Journal of the Indonesian Medical Association > Analysis of Mental Emotional Disorder Symptoms in Indonesian People


Journal of the Indonesian Medical Association
Vol. 59 No. 10 October 2009
Analysis of Mental Emotional Disorder Symptoms in Indonesian People
Idaiani, Sri ( Indonesian Ministry of Health)
Suhardi, Suhardi ( Indonesian Ministry of Health)
Kristanto, Antonius Yudi ( Indonesian Ministry of Health)
Article Info   ABSTRACT
Published date:
31 Oct 2009
Based on 2007 Basic Health Research (Riskesdas), the prevalence of mental emotional disorder among Indonesian people aged >15 years was 11.6%. Mental emotional disorder is a condition which indicated an emotional changed of a person and could grow into a pathologic condition if it continues. Prevention actions should be taken to maintain the mental healthiness of a community. A description of mental emotional symptoms experienced by a community is needed through sociodemographic characteristics influenced and symptoms analysis based on the community. The main aim of this study was to undertake the magnitude of mental emotional symptoms of Indonesian population. A mental health survey was conducted within the Riskesdas 2007 frame, in 33 provinces in Indonesia, which consisted of 438 districts or cities. The inclusion criterion were age 15 years or older and were willing to participate in the research. Mental health assessment was done through interviews using self reporting questionnaire (SRQ), consisted of 20 questionnaire items. If there were at least 6 “yes” answers, a respondent was considered to have a mental emotional disorder. SPSS 15.0 version was used and analysis was done with complex samples method. It was concluded that the most symptoms experienced by most people were somatic symptoms, although depression symptom was the main symptom of mental emotional disorder (e.g. could not perform useful things in life, having thoughts to end life or feel useless, have work disturbance, and difficult to enjoy daily activities). The elderly had the strongest association with mental emotional disorder.Keywords: mental emotional disorder, Riskesdas, SRQ
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