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Journal > Jurnal Administrasi Pembangunan > Evaluasi Program Pelatihan Bendahara Pengeluaran Pegawai Kementerian Keuangan


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Jurnal Administrasi Pembangunan
Vol 1, No 01 (2012)
Evaluasi Program Pelatihan Bendahara Pengeluaran Pegawai Kementerian Keuangan
Article Info   ABSTRACT
Published date:
31 Jan 2013
The objective of this research is to evaluate treasurer training program for Ministry of Financestaff in Pekanbaru Finance Education and Training Office based on 4 stages introduced byDonald Kirkpatrick and to know factors that affect the treasurer training program. This reasearchuses qualitative approach with descriptive method. The data gathered from: primary data resources,by observe to the location of the training program and interview by key informan consist of thealumni of the treasurer training program, organizing committee, instructors, training evaluationstaff. Secondary data resources gathered from documents, such as Performance Report ofTreasurer Training and Performance Accountability Report of Government Institution of FinanceEducation and Training Office. The result of this research shows there is no standardizationrelated to this training so it is necessary to set the standardization of this training. Meanwhile thedeterminants factor of the success in training comes from input factor, process factor, outputfactor, and outcome factor. However, input factor is the most important thing and the mostdecisive in the training.
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