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Journal > Serat Rupa > Model Anak-Anak dalam Iklan Produk untuk Dewasa


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Serat Rupa
Vol 1, No 1 (2013)
Model Anak-Anak dalam Iklan Produk untuk Dewasa
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Published date:
11 Feb 2015
Numbers of children as talents in national television commercials tend to increase in 2008-2010,  those are not limited to children’s consumer goods such as snacks, milk, medicines, there are also  tendency of children are used as models of television commercials for adult‘s consumer goods, by utilizing the characteristics of their innocent and cute appeal to pose for the target audience. What exactly is the role of children’s figure which appears in advertisements for adult’s consumer goods? Purposive sampling to four TV commercials that aired on national TV broadcast in 2008 and 2010 is selected according to the criteria of the study such as, Television commercials that use children as model for adult‘s consumer goods in terms of narrative and its visual aspect is thought to contain the positive or negative values and the product is restricted from food products, cellular phone providers, cosmetics and cleaning clothes, represented a more dominant advertisements, deemed contains the values that want to revealed in the research and deserves represent one type of product which aired on national television stations like Indosiar, RCTI, SCTV, TRANS TV. Interpretive semiotic analysis of signification models through denotation and connotation, to gain an overview of the relationship between visual and verbal elements. Advertising theory approach, body language and cinematography are used to analyze the components contained in the ads, to find out the role of models and to reveal the raised values. The result finds that children had the role as the influencer, the originator of the idea, and advocating the product purchase decisions. The values contain in the fourth television advertisements are associated with positive values such as modesty, decency or fairness as well as negative values, contrary to prevailing norms in society such as lying and demeaning behavior of others. These results benefit for assessing and refining the things that can impact positively or negatively in television commercials.Keywords: advertising, children , talent artist, TV commercials, semiotics
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