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Journal > Serat Rupa > Tinjauan Arsitektur Eklektik pada Gereja Katolik di Bali dalam Konteks Globalisasi, Pluralisme dan Multikulturalisme


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Serat Rupa
Vol 1, No 1 (2013)
Tinjauan Arsitektur Eklektik pada Gereja Katolik di Bali dalam Konteks Globalisasi, Pluralisme dan Multikulturalisme
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Published date:
11 Feb 2015
Globalization tends people to adopt similar cultural patterns into one trend. That kind of trend cause resistances spawn from indigenous/local people where the existence of their heritage are endangered. Since that, dynamic people, as a social beings, tried to make many dialectical approaches. Then the cultural substances that formed plurality change naturally into multiculturalism. At this circumstances; cultural, economic and industry sector involved to the changing process.Eclectic means selecting what seems the best from various styles or ideas. In this paper, I have explored and observed many Catholic Churches in Bali that applied eclectic on their architectural custom. The eclectic form was came from dialogue between Catholic custom visual sign and Balinese traditional culture visual sign. The objects of study are Gereja Hati Kudus, Palasari as the largest Catholic church in Bali; Gereja Katolik Kristus Raja, Abianbase, Tangeb as the most visited church in Bali, more than Tuka and Palasari; Gereja Katolik Paroki Roh Kudus Babakan, as the newly formed and modern church; Gereja Punyan Poh (Mango tree), Belimbing Sari, and Gereja St. Yoseph as complement case. I visited Gereja Katolik Kristus Raja, Abianbase to collect all the informations as the primary data. I collected theories related with cultural study, globalization, pluralism, multiculturalism by literature study. I use Pierce’s and Saussure’s Semiotics approaches to analize visual sign on the church buildings and use basic design and culture theory to analize the cultural substances consist in.My conclusion is that most of the Catholic churchs−observed as study objects−use Eclectic Architectures. They are : Gereja Punyan Poh, Belimbingsari; Gereja Katolik Paroki Roh Kudus Babakan; Gereja Katolik Kristus Raja and Gereja Hati Kudus. The way they applied the eclectic on the building was to assimilate their beliefs with local custom. Keywords : eclectic, globalization, pluralism, multiculturalism, catholic church, Bali
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