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Journal > AL-IQTISHAD > Business Process Reengineering Of Funding On Indonesia’s Islamic Banks


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Vol 8, No 1: January 2016
Business Process Reengineering Of Funding On Indonesia’s Islamic Banks
Nur Widigdo, Aslam Mei ( Bogor Agricultural University)
Marimin, Marimin ( Bogor Agricultural University)
Fahmi, Idqan ( Bogor Agricultural University)
Beik, Irfan Syauqi ( Bogor Agricultural University)
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Published date:
10 Feb 2016
This research attempts to analyze the value chain of Islamicbanking business processes and to develop a business processes model ondepositors’ funds in order to improve the performance of Islamic banks. Fourmodels of Islamic banking operating in Indonesia are used as the objects of thestudy. This research applies qualitative study (exploratory) approach and utilizesprimary data obtained from questionnaire and interviews. This data are thenprocessed by value stream mapping and process activity mapping. This studyshows that the waiting timefor services is the sub-stage of business process thatdoes not have value added and categorized as pure waste based on VSM criteria.The reengineering of business process of the third party fundraising may reducecollection time up to 1490 minutes for corporate customer and 22 minutes forindividual customer.DOI: 10.15408/aiq.v8i1.2506
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