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Vol 2, No 1 (2014): ELEMENTARY
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Published date:
03 Jul 2015
Abstract: Learning English is successful and qualified in terms ofthe process when the whole and most of the students are activelyinvolved in the learning process and are able to absorb the materialbeing taught, so that they can understand the readings in English,especially literature to Islamization. Therefore, lecturer of Englishcourses required for varied in teaching. One method that can beused in the teaching of English language courses for studentsof Elementary School Teacher Education (PGMI) Department,Tarbiyah STAIN Kudus is to use peer teaching method.The results obtained in this study were 1) the use of peer teachingprocess conducted by Teachers / lecturers on the course English II onPGMI STAIN Kudus majors in improving reading comprehensionIslamic text is in conformity with the existing rules on the peerteaching. While 2) supporting factors in the use of peer teachingmethods conducted by lecturers of English II course PGMI majorscourses STAIN Kudus among other things: (a) increase studentmotivation to learn; (b) the quality and increase the learningprocess; (c) students in the social interactive learning increases; (d)Students impelled towards the higher level thinking; (e) developingthe skills to work in groups; (f) a sense of responsibility for theirown learning increases; (g) awakened the spirit of workingtogether; (i) increasing communication skills; and (j) Increasedlearning outcomes. While inhibiting the use of peer teaching inteaching English courses II is (a) Requires a relatively long time;(b) If the student does not have the relevant knowledge base thenthis method becomes ineffective; (c) The possibility is dominatedby a student who likes to talk, smart, or who want to stand out; (d) Not all the teachers really understand how each student to work ingroups; (e) Require strict extra attention from the teacher.

Key words: Peer Teaching Methods, Comprehension, ReadingIslamic Text
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