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Jurnal Akuntansi & Investasi
Vol 17, No 2: July-December 2016
Mengungkap Fenomena Potongan Angsuran Murabahah di Perbankan Syariah
Latuconsina, Yudhy Muhtar ( Prodi Akuntansi Universitas Darussalam, Ambon)
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Published date:
14 Apr 2016
The purpose of this study is to unveil te phenomenon of Murabahahs discounting payment in shariah banking. This study using interpretive perspective with transcendental phenomenology as a method. The results show that Murabahahs discounting payment is the appeal of Islamic banking to attract prospective customers murabaha financing. In addition, the major determinant factor of the advantages of being given Murabahahs discounting payment. Because of these factors, the Islamic banking policy set Murabahahs discounting payment is only given to to the customers that will end their payment earlier and it helped to get profit realization of shariah banking. In order to minimize the "loss" of the margin (as a profit of Murabahahs), shariah banking using annuity method in the scheme of Murabahahs payment.
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