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Jurnal Ilmiah Universitas Bakrie
Vol 4, No 02 (2016): Mei 2016
Yudhistira, Gigih Rengga ( Universitas Bakrie)
Article Info   ABSTRACT
Published date:
17 Mar 2016
This study examines the strategy of Garuda Indonesia in facing the implementation of the ASEAN Open Sky 2015 and identifies Garuda Indonesia strategies towards the ASEAN Open Skies Policy 2015 and identifies which factors significantly influence in competition arena. The analysis is done by looking at the extent of preparation and  readiness of Garuda Indonesia by VRIO frameworks & Five Porter Forces. This study is compiled from some resources and references including book, newspaper, magazines, annual report and some site in internet. Conclusion found is Garuda Indonesias efforts in the face of the ASEAN Open Skies Implementation is in compliance with products and services refer to International standart. The results of this study is an attempt garuda Indonesia in competition arena of ASEAN Open Skies compliance by improving procurement, human capital, product and services, and prepare the infrastructure and quality in the aviation sectors. However Garuda Indonesia is already in good strategy and must practice aggressive strategy to maximize the opportunity to compete in regional or international level.   Keywords        : ASEAN Open Skies 2015, Strategy, VRIO Framework, Five Porter Forces, Competition   REFERENCES   Book Amit, R  (1993). Strategic assets and organizational rent. Strategic Management Journal , 33-46. Arifin, S. (2008). Masyarakat Ekonomi ASEAN 2015: Memperkuat Sinergi ASEAN di Tengah Kompetisi Global. Jakarta: Elex Media Komputindo. Badan Pusat Statistik. (2014). Grafik Pertumbuhan Penduduk . Laporan Tahunan . Barney (1995). Academy of Management Executive. Looking Inside for Competitive Advantage , 9, pp. 50,52,53,55,56. Barney, Jay.  (1991). Firm resources and sustained competitive advantage. Journal of Management , 99-120. Barney, Jay. (1997). Gaining and sustaining competitive advantage. Addison - Wesley: Oxford University Press. Barney, Jay. (2007). 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