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Journal > Journal of Visual Art and Design > Ragam Hias “Sepak Bola” pada Pakaian Batik: Antara Komodifikasi dan Estetika


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Journal of Visual Art and Design
Vol 7, No 2 (2016)
Ragam Hias “Sepak Bola” pada Pakaian Batik: Antara Komodifikasi dan Estetika
Raditya, Michael H.B. ( Pengkajian Seni Pertunjukan dan Seni Rupa Sekolah Pascasarjana, Universitas Gadjah Mada)
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Published date:
22 Jun 2016
Nowadays batik is going through a massive development in its existence. On the one hand its position has become stronger, but on the other hand its character is changing. About two years ago, a batik football pattern gained popularity and was adopted as a commodity by batik artisans. The football pattern had positive and negative effects on batik. Issues of aesthetics and commodification emerged as a result of this development. Moreover, it put the essence and character of batik itself into question. In this research, the batik football pattern was investigated in relation to the essence of batik and the way it has been affected. The essence of batik was particularly analyzed from the perspective of its aesthetics and commodification, with the aim to find out how they were influenced by the football pattern. The conclusion of the research was that the batik football pattern has put more emphasis on the commodification of batik in stead of its aesthetics. This analysis shows how batik specifically and art in general are influenced by society.
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