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Journal > Jurnal INFOTEL > Manajemen Pengetahuan Melalui Web 2.0 (Wikipedia) pada Organisasi


Vol 9 No 3 (2017): Agustus 2017
Manajemen Pengetahuan Melalui Web 2.0 (Wikipedia) pada Organisasi
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Published date:
11 Aug 2017
Student association is a place for every student of certain majors, which is intended to accommodate the aspirations of all its members. Knowledge sharing process usually done through direct meetings in the classroom and discussions. Knowledge Management System can manage knowledge and document of each member so that the process of knowledge sharing is not impeded. This study develops a web 2.0 knowledge management system with the concept of Wikipedia. Wikipediaâ??s concept is applied to allow each member of organization to add, delete, and edit the content of the website. Information and knowledge can be used and updated continuously by fellow members of organization. Knowledge management process that used in this system is knowledge discovery, knowledge capture and knowledge sharing. The result of User Acceptance Test is knowledge management system has been accepted by the Organization in assisting organization members develop knowledge and acquire new knowledge
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