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Journal > IJCAS (International Journal of Creative and Arts Studies) > Effect of Color Composition in Work Space Against Job Performance


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IJCAS (International Journal of Creative and Arts Studies)
Vol 1, No 1 (2014): June 2014
Effect of Color Composition in Work Space Against Job Performance
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Published date:
17 Apr 2017
This study investigates the influence of the physical environment on the work performance, regarding the composition of the colors used in the workspace.Thirty students of Academy of Management and Secretary were recruitedthrough announcements on their campus and are grouped into three, namelythe harmonious, disharmonic, and the control group. An experimental taskthat must be done is to copy the article to a computer for 2x2 hour, interspersedwith rest for 1 hour. Results of their work in the form of typing is calculatedbased on the number of pages, rows, and the number of words with WordCount on Microsoft Word program. By using SPSS software version 17, thedata were analyzed using Analysis of Variance Model. The results showedthat there were significant differences in performance influenced by thecomposition of colors in the workspace based on the number of pages asindicator. But the other measurements based on the number of lines showedno significant difference. The measurement based on the number of wordsalso showed no significant difference. With these results we can concludethat the work performance resulting in a workspace using harmonious colorcomposition on the floor, walls, and windows has no significant differencewith the performance produced in the work space with disharmonic andneutral color composition. Argumentation and future research suggestionsare discussed.
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