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Journal > Panggung > The Significance Of Narrative To Interpret ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Characterin Museums


Vol 25, No 3 (2015): Ekspresi, Makna dan Fungsi Seni
The Significance Of Narrative To Interpret ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Characterin Museums
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Published date:
15 Nov 2015
This research focuses on the study of Sherlock Holmes character that has been a famous detective icon in the world, where this character then become the main theme interpreted by the museum.  The method employed by the museum to “narrate” that particular character is very significant to determine the objective and background for the museum as the exhibition organizer. Narration holds a crucial role to “guide” the understanding of the audiences to a character, or sometimes can make “confusion” to the audience when differentiate whether the character is fiction or non-fiction. By comparing the narration on the permanent displays of Museum of Sherlock Holmes to temporary exhibition display in Museum of London with Sherlock Holmes theme, it can be seen the significance of the relation between narration and interpretation of a character that also determine the message of that museum.Keywords: Narration, interpretation, Sherlock Holmes, museum, exhibition
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