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Journal > Journal of Dentomaxillofacial Science > Upaya untuk mengurangi preparasi gigi: Fung shell bridge


Journal of Dentomaxillofacial Science
Vol 6, No 1 (2007): Formerly Jurnal Dentofasial ISSN 1412-8926
Upaya untuk mengurangi preparasi gigi: Fung shell bridge
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Published date:
30 Apr 2007
Natural tooth can be replaced with many ways, for example with bridge. This kind ofdenture is conventional because too much sound teeth tissue are grinded. Therefore,many designs which grinds as minimal as possible have been tried such as Maryland andRochette designs. As technology develops, Fung Shell System was found. It consists ofone unit bridge called pontic which has a form of porcelain fused to metal and postbridge. Fung bridge is easier and faster to make than conventional bridge. This article isexpected to enrich our knowledge of fung bridge which is as modification of bridge.
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