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Journal > TELKOMNIKA Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering > Characterization of Polymeric Chemiresistors for Gas Sensor


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TELKOMNIKA Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering
Vol 10, No 2: June 2012
Characterization of Polymeric Chemiresistors for Gas Sensor
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Published date:
01 Jun 2012
Composite polymer-carbon has resistance change if come into contact with gas. Composite polymer-carbon can be used as a gas sensor. This research will be characterized the sensor composite polymer-carbon that has been made from 6 types of polymer, which are; PEG6000, PEG20M, PEG200, PEG1540, Silicon and Squelene. The 6 sensors will be tested by 9 types of gas, which are; Aceton, Aceton Nitril, Benzene, Etanol, Methanol, Ethyl Aceton, Chloroform, n-Hexan and Toluene. This characterization will be grouped into 4 claster of characteristics, which are; the selectivity (influence type of gas), the sensitivity (influence volume of gas), the influence of temperature and the influence of humidity. Test using method testing sensors that paleced in an isolated chamber which is connected with data acquisition. variations of temperature, humidity, type and volume of gas will be condition in the chamber. Correspondence analysis and regression will be used to process the data. Test results found that each sensor of type of polymers have different sensitivity and selectivity towards a particular type of gas. Resistance sensors increases with rising temperature and humidity environment with a polynomial equation of order-2 and order-3
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