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Journal > Buletin Penelitian Kesehatan > GEJALA GANGGUAN MENTAL EMOSIONAL PADA ANAK


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Buletin Penelitian Kesehatan
Vol 25, No 3&4 Des (1997)
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Published date:
07 Sep 2012
Priority of Indonesian health policy is maternal and child physical health. It is undeniable that physical health is very important in developing productive human beings. However, ignorance on child mental health can have an undesirable impact for both the child and the family. Early detection and appropriate treatment for the mentally vulnerable kid is then needed to help the child have a better future. The Household Health Survey (HHS) 1995 included a Report Questionnaire for Children (RQC) to detect the presence of mental emotional disturbance symptom. Analysis revealed that symptoms of mental disturbance for age 5-14 years was quite high: 102 in 1000 children. According to socio-demographic condition, the results showed no significant difference of mental disturbance symptoms between: rural vs. urban (98 vs. 108); household density <= 5 vs. > 5 (107 vs. 109); Java Bali vs. outer Java Bali (93 vs. 110) girls vs boys (95 vs. 109). Slight differences of mental disturbance symptoms was found between pre-puberty vs. puberty (88 vs. 116); low economic vs. high economic (119 vs. 87).It is expected that the results can provide inputs for developing a health policy to improve child health which includes mental health. 
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