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Journal > Jurnal Gaussian > ANALISIS INTERVENSI DAN DETEKSI OUTLIER PADA DATA WISATAWAN DOMESTIK (Studi Kasus di Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta)


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Jurnal Gaussian
Vol 2, No 1 (2013): Wisuda Periode Januari 2013
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Published date:
07 Jan 2013
The tourist data is very interesting to be studied because the Indonesian tourism sector is an activator of the national economic which is potential to push higher economic growth in the future. Therefore, the forecast about tourist data is very needed for tourism business. The tourist data tend to fluctuate caused by many factors that affect the number of tourists extremely in an area, such as disasters, government regulation, social stability, violence and terrorism. That the extreme data can be assessed using intervention analysis and outlier detection. Intervention model is a time series model that can be used to forecast data consist of intervention of internal and external factors. In the intervention model, there are two kinds of intervention function, i.e., step and pulse functions. Step function is a form of intervention occurred in period of time while the pulse function is a form of intervention occurred only in a certain time. For the outlier detection, there are four types, such as additive outlier (AO), innovational outlier (IO), level shift (LS) and temporary change (TC). As an empirical studies was conducted by the domestic tourists data in Yogyakarta from January 2006 until December 2010 who staying on five-star hotels and motel throughout Yogyakarta. Based on the result of this research, known that the intervention occurred on January 2010 using the pulse function with MSE value 1172. Meanwhile based on the outliers detection, known any five outliers but only four outliers that significant included to the intervention model with MSE value 523,7167. So, the intervention model and outlier detection are chosen as a the best model based on the smallest MSE criterion. Keywords: Domestic tourists, intervention model, pulse function, outlier detection
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